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The Army Cadets of Bakersfield, California is a youth military exploratory program.  The Army Cadets of Bakersfield is an Army-oriented, high adventure, career exploration program for young men and women from the ages of 10 - 18.  The purpose of the Cadet Program is to provide hands-on training and military experiences in order to assist young men and women in making a decision on a military career or not; we do not require a military commitment and we are not a delinquency or a recruiting program.  Also, we teach the Cadets about the Seven Values of the U.S. Army, these are: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage.  We also give them a few more like Leadership, Discipline, and the biggest one; Self Esteem.  These experiences give the youth a realistic picture of the military life and thereby, if they do join the service they are better prepared and more knowledgeable about the commitment that they have made.

The military training is a special part of the Cadets experience that offers the Cadet the chance to experience the military life above and beyond anything else offered in the area.  Our training classes range from land navigation, radio communication, infantry tactics, vehicle orientation, leadership classes, field training exercises (FTX's),(this also includes some over night trips) and military excursions and more.  We also do training locally and at military bases and centers.

The Cadets utilize their experiences, training and knowledge from the classes on the FTX's to advance in rank and take a leadership position within the unit.  These Cadet leaders play an important role in guiding the program, Cadets and the units activities throughout the year. All of the training is from Active Duty Personnel, Army Reserves, National and State Guards, who volunteer their time and training for the cadets.  

Our Unit Training meetings are weekly and consist of an opening formation, military science courses, drill and ceremony, physical training, platoon time and a final briefing and final formation.  Physical training is conducted to the best of your own ability with positive encouragement to motivate you.  We train and teach with positive encouragement, not negative, we are not a military unit or force.  Our other activities are conducted at irregular intervals depending on weather conditions, roads. 

We also do community service events with veterans, our city and county as well as government agencies.  We also work with the U.S. Army and their Future Solider programs.  Our community service ranges from Color Guard, Honor Guard, event services, recruiting events and helping the local JROTC programs with in our community.  As you can see we are pretty busy!